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Are you a lawyer? Request and edit your profile now for free.

Your online professional presence

Do you want to distinguish yourself in your preferred areas of law or approach clients from the surrounding area? Your high-quality and specific profile on Jurata will support you in acquiring suitable mandates.

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For the optimal appearance

On Jurata you have a serious, professional and trustworthy profile. Here you can present yourself, your offer and your experience under the best light.

At the top of Google's list

We have years of experience with websites and search engine optimisation. That's why we know how to make your profile appear prominently in relevant Google searches.

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Mandates that suit you

The advantage of Jurata is the specific search for lawyers. A detailed and differentiated presence supports you in receiving enquiries that suit you.

Questions and answers

How much does a Jurata profile cost?

You can claim and edit your profile on Jurata completely for free. With the basic information on your free profile, people looking for legal advice can get a first impression of your legal work and send you enquiries. This will tell you whether you can generate interesting enquiries via Jurata without having to opt for a paid profile from the outset. If you receive interesting enquiries and would like to answer them, you will need to upgrade to a paid Standard Profile (CHF 45/month or CHF 360/year).

I already have a website. Is Jurata still worth it?

Yes. Jurata is not a competitor of your website, but a complement. On our platform, people looking for legal advice can search for and contact lawyers according to region, field of expertise or other criteria. Jurata is a simple and efficient way for you to target potential clients.

How do I use Jurata to get mandates that suit me?

Every lawyer has a very individual profile. On Jurata, you can highlight your main areas of expertise and strengths. The more detailed and meaningful you present yourself, the more likely you are to receive enquiries that match your profile.

Why is your presence on the internet so important?

Since 2012, searches for lawyers on Google have doubled in Switzerland. However, people seeking legal advice who receive personal recommendations for a lawyer also get their information online. Jurata gives you a meaningful profile on a reputable platform on the one hand and helps you to appear prominently in relevant Google searches on the other.