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Terms of use

Jurata is a service of Jurata AG (hereinafter the "Provider"). These Terms of Use govern the rights and obligations of the Provider and of lawyers who have an individual profile on Jurata (hereinafter the "Profile" and the "Users") and of persons who visit Jurata to seek legal services (hereinafter the "Visitors"). These terms of use apply to all legal transactions between the provider on the one hand and visitors and users on the other hand in connection with Jurata. Deviating agreements shall only apply with the express consent of the provider.
Jurata's privacy policy forms part of these Terms of Use.

1. Registration with Jurata

[1.1] Jurata is a directory of lawyers in Switzerland. The provider allows users to register upon request in order to maintain an existing profile or to create a new profile. Users are obliged to ensure that their profiles are up-to-date and correct. In the case of lawyers who do not maintain a profile, the provider uses basic data from publicly accessible sources, in particular.
[1.2] Registration with Jurata is restricted to lawyers in Switzerland who are entered in a cantonal register of lawyers or in a cantonal list of lawyers.
[1.3] The provider is entitled to check information provided by users itself or to have it checked by third parties. The provider may refuse registration at any time and also subsequently without stating reasons.
[1.4] Users undertake to treat their access data to Jurata confidentially and to use it exclusively for themselves.

2. Jurata profile

[2.1] By registering or maintaining profiles, users give the provider their consent to publish the content they have entered, in particular images and text material (hereinafter the "content"), on Jurata and via any other communication channels of the provider, such as social media platforms, newsletters, etc. The provider is not obliged to publish the content on Jurata. Within this framework, users grant the provider a non-exclusive, transferable right of use to the content, including content protected by trademark and copyright, which is unlimited in terms of location and time. The provider may enhance profiles with metadata and adapt them to improve their appearance, formatting or readability.
[2.2] Users undertake to only enter content on Jurata that is legally compliant. In particular, users undertake not to enter any offensive, discriminatory, misleading, personality-infringing, pornographic, racist, unethical or indecent content. Users further undertake to respect the rights of third parties, in particular data protection rights, rights to a name, personal rights and copyrights. The provider is not responsible for the content or legal review of profiles. Users are solely responsible for their profiles and their content.
[2.3] The provider may refuse the publication of profiles or parts thereof at any time without giving reasons and also subsequently. The provider may delete profiles at any time without giving reasons. Registered lawyers may have their profile edited or deleted at any time.

3. Jurata services

[3.1] The provider may offer free and chargeable services on Jurata. The Provider shall publish the respective current scope of services in a suitable form on Jurata, stating any fees and the respective contract term. Fee-based services with a specific contract term are automatically extended by the same contract term after expiry of the contract term, unless otherwise stated.
[3.2] The provider is free in the design of services. The reimbursement of payments made is excluded. Without granting a payment deadline, any fees are owed immediately. Users and visitors are automatically in default if payment is not made on time, even without a payment reminder. In the event of default, the provider may stop providing services at any time without notice and commission third parties to collect payments or assign claims to third parties for the purpose of collection.
[3.3] The provider may adjust the scope and price of services or discontinue services at any time without stating reasons. In the case of current contracts for chargeable services, such adjustments or the discontinuation of services shall not take effect until 30 days after notification of the users concerned. If services are adjusted to the detriment of users, the users concerned have the right to terminate the contract prematurely as of the date on which the service adjustment takes effect. In this case or in the event of discontinuation of a service, payments already made shall be refunded pro rata by the provider. If the users concerned do not give notice of termination within 30 days of notification of an adjustment, their consent to the notified adjustment shall be irrefutably deemed to have been granted. The provider shall inform about such adjustments in an appropriate manner.
[3.4] The Ranking Boost offered by the provider under the conditions set out in the login area for lawyers provides users with a preferred placement in the search results on Jurata after ordering the Ranking Boost. However, there is no entitlement to a specific ranking. The provider is entitled to take various factors into account in order to create the search rankings.

4. Jurata Warranty and Liability

[4.1] Client relationships and other contracts for legal services (hereinafter the "Services") are concluded directly between individual users as lawyers and visitors as clients, even if the initial contact or other contact is made via Jurata. The provider is neither a contracting party nor a representative of users or visitors. Users are solely and exclusively liable for their services and in connection with initial contact or other contact with visitors via Jurata. Visitors are liable solely and exclusively in connection with initial contact or other contact with users via Jurata. The provider does not guarantee that users and visitors will mutually fulfil any contractual obligations.
[4.2] Users and visitors indemnify the provider against all claims asserted by third parties against the provider in connection with profiles and content on Jurata. This indemnification includes, regardless of fault, all direct and indirect costs incurred by the provider in defending against such claims.
[4.3] The provider operates Jurata professionally and carefully. However, the provider does not guarantee the permanent, complete availability of Jurata at all times. Jurata may be temporarily partially or completely unavailable, in particular for technical reasons. The provider does not guarantee the topicality, success, correctness or completeness of profiles. Any liability of the provider is limited to gross negligence or intent. Any liability of the provider for consequential or indirect damages, for loss of profit and for auxiliary persons is excluded.

5. Attorney-client privilege

In order for the Provider to process, forward and handle client requests, it is necessary for visitors to release the attorneys who respond to the respective client request from the obligation to maintain attorney-client privilege vis-à-vis the provider and its external IT service providers. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, visitors therefore declare that they release the attorneys in question from the obligation of attorney-client privilege vis-à-vis the provider. The consent to the terms of use is explicitly obtained from the respective visitor before sending each request via the provider's platform.

6. Final provisions

[6.1] The provider generally corresponds with users by email to their email address stored in the respective profile. This includes the delivery of invoices, notifications of offers or the adjustment or discontinuation of offers pursuant to section 3.3, notifications of changes to these Terms of Use pursuant to section 6.2 and other notifications. Users expressly agree to this form of communication. All notifications made in this way shall be irrefutably deemed to have been delivered.
[6.2] The provider may change these terms of use at any time without giving reasons. The provider will inform affected users and visitors about such changes in an appropriate manner.
[6.3] The Provider may discontinue Jurata at any time, permanently or temporarily, and in whole or in part, without notice and without giving reasons.
[6.4] These Terms of Use are subject to Swiss law with jurisdiction at the registered office of the Provider.

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