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Questions and Answers

Is Jurata really free of charge for me as a person seeking legal advice/assistance?

Yes. There are no costs whatsoever for you as a person seeking legal advice/assistance through the use of Jurata.

How is Jurata financed?

Jurata offers lawyers profile options for which a fee is charged. In order to be able to answer enquiries, lawyers need a paid profile on Jurata. Depending on the profile variant, lawyers pay additional fees for reacting to mandate requests or after accepting a mandate.

How does Jurata select the search results when I search for lawyers?

Jurata only shows you search results that exactly match your search criteria. This way, you can always be sure to choose the optimal lawyer for your case. Should Jurata exceptionally show you search results that do not exactly match your search criteria (e.g. if no exact matches are available for a very narrowly defined search for lawyers in a small locality), this will be transparently marked by Jurata.

How does Jurata determine which search results appear at the top of the search results?

Jurata shows you search results that are relevant to you (see above). The exact order of the search results is determined by several factors. Profiles with profile pictures are displayed before profiles without profile pictures. In addition, it is taken into account whether the profile is a premium profile, which lawyers can activate for a fee. Premium profiles can be recognised by the fact that, compared to free or standard profiles, they present additional information, are larger and individually delimited and have direct contact options. Finally, Jurata can also use other factors to determine the order of search results, such as the completeness of the profiles (areas of practice, terms of engagement, etc.), the average response time, client satisfaction with the respective lawyer, etc.

Is it guaranteed that I will receive an answer to my request?

The lawyers on Jurata are not obliged to answer enquiries. To answer an enquiry, lawyers need a paid profile and must have the necessary time capacity. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an answer to your enquiry. However, experience shows that most of the enquiries are answered.

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